Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camtasia and Bugs

Where I work we are currently undergoing testing in order to get to our release date. The normal thing I have always seen in previous jobs is that the tester will test the application, write up a bug report and then pass it on to the developer. It is upto the dev to reproduce the bugs.

Initially the dev is resistant to change and will assume that the QA is full of "Higen-Stigen!" For the developer....seeing is believing. This sometimes can foster a culture of mistrust between Devs and QA. A better way for the tester to prove that they have a 2-legit-2-quit bug is to reproduce and record through camtasia...or some other recording software. Then post the video file with the bug.

I really believe this method breaks down any communication barriers between the two groups.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Becoming a better developer (Part Deux)

Take time to learn about the business and your code base

A good way to learn about continuous changes in your code base is to pay attention during stand up. Everyone has something new that they have worked on and checked-in recently. Why not take some time out to aquaint yourself with changes people have made and then ask questions about things you don't understand. This way you are up-to-date on your code base and you will/may find it easier during refactorings.

It also forces you to understand how the business works and how it is changing.

Becoming a better developer

In a post by Justice Gray subsequently followed up by Scott Hanselman about becoming a better developer....I will post about this topic as a series....just so that I'm posting.

Without further a it is.

Remove Distractions (Email, Facebook, Reading Blogs).

Sometimes when things are new they can be very exciting...and addicting. For example, Facebook, which I tried hard to stay away from initially
became something more and more difficult to ignore. As people joined I kept receiving invitations...soon I was adding friends and messaging people I knew from elementary school. I can't wait to see who else is on this thing (almost everyone is already). It has now become an addiction. I'm sure the same thing can be said of email or blogging. In some ways they are helpful to stay on top of new things and new sources of information...but in moderation. All these things boil down to distractions if they are used too much. Try to cut them out after a while if they hinder you in your work.