Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Becoming a better developer

As a part of the process to becoming a better developer I find it easier to write down and prioritize tasks. These tasks are things I think I should be doing to be better such as reading a book, studying code or learning a new language. I usually break down the tasks rather than generalize it. This way it is more approachable and manageable. For example instead of making a task called:

"Read Refactoring by Martin Fowler"

I'll say...

"Read chapter 9 today out of the book Refactoring"

This way I'm breaking down what I want to accomplish to something that is achievable and I am also putting a deadline against it. I want to get it done today. Since it is a small goal...most likely I can get it done.

One way to organize these tasks is using this really cool application called:

"Remember the Milk."

It is a very 'google-ish' type of app and has the ability to help me organize almost anything.